Of all the imaginable and incredible things one can have in a small town like Myre in the municipality of Øksnes, Blås Ide is probably some of the most exciting.

2019-04-2609:15 Viktor Håkonsen

Glass blowers that conjure up artwork of molten glass. Vases, bowls and saucers see the light of day, not to mention the unmistakable cormorant and the garbage they stock.

At At sommarøy they have their workshop, and work late and early to meet the great demand from people, both close and far.

A visit to the glass blowers is like a journey into a world of glass and colors. You never forget it and you scratch your fingers to bring some of the beautiful art produced here.

With deep roots in North Norwegian culture that permeates production, this is a piece of the holiday that will come along with you, and you will always come back for more.

We take you to unforgettable.Blås idé







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