About Enjoy Øksnes

Maybe you looking forward to see the Nothern Lights from the topp of mountain in winter, or RIB trip in the open sea to see the midnight sun throwing the amazing colors over the sea, whether there are sea fishing adventures, exotic meals in an environment you didn't think was possible, Or if it is whale watching, bike rides, boat trips or shotgun shooting at the shooting range you think sounds exciting, then Enjoy Øksnes company you should contact.

2019-04-2614:58 Anne-Stine Gjervoldstad

Enjoy Øksnes is the right place, at the right time. The corporate outings or course / conference, a family that wants something other than sunbeds and pool, honeymoons for the savior or someone who wants an experience out of the ordinary ... Here is no group too big, and no group too small.

When one is to achieve something and come somewhere, this happens faster, better, safer and more quality assured if one moves in the same direction. Cooperation is a keyword, and Enjoy Øksnes collects Øksnes in a way that has never been done before.

Enjoy Øksnes coordinates your wishes, put together experience packages, tailored for the couple, the family or company.We handle the logistics and ensure that your experiences in Øksnes will be unforgettable.You tell what you want to experience, and we put together a package that is timed and arranged with transportation and with experiences just as you wish.

If you want to visit, remember, don't forget, Enjoy Øksnes…