2019-05-0214:18 Freddy Andre Andreassen

ENJOY ØKSNES inviting you for a trip full of experiences to our old, historical Tinden in Tindsøya, in Øksnes Vestbygd, which awakening for second life. For to know this special place, we offer:

- Transporttrip

- Packages with overnight

- Guided trip/topptrip

- Watersport

- Ribtrip/Safari

You decide if you want to stay in Tinden one day, one weekend, one week or one month. Our point is to get you to the best experiences and memories!
Tinden has a long history as a fishing community and trading post. Tinden is a big museum, located near the fishing grounds, but still protected from inside below the 468 meter high Tindstind.

Late in the 16th century it was a church in Tinden, but it was moved to the neighbor island of Nærøya, in the 17th century.
The main farm is from the 1860s and the piers from the 1880s.

Tinden was for several years the base for the kayak race Arctic Sea Kayak Race. In recent years, the race has been based in Skipnes, further south of Tindsøya.

Nordic Sea is the name of the speedboat that operates between the islands in Øksnes Vestbygd.