Holmvik Brygge

Nyksund experiences his renaissance, and has been blessed by patient, energetic, knowledgeable and eager people, who have devotedly given the old fishing village a boost and new life.

2019-04-2609:55 Viktor Håkonsen

Holmvik Brygge welcomes guests to their very special premises, with an atmosphere that cannot be experienced elsewhere. You travel back in time on the premises, but meet service and serving according to today's standard. The food and drink are put together for an experience you do not want to miss.

Surrounding these surroundings and the buildings will give you an experience of proximity to Nyksund's old heyday. When you stand up and look out the window, the view will take your breath away.

Guided tours of the Queen Route are also offered, to give you an active holiday with distinctive character and rarity. Anyone who comes here once, usually comes back always.

Holmvik Brygge in Nyksund, on the border of the possible.

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