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Mountain hiking

Hiking - We take you to higher grounds

Guided hiking experience is the ultimate experience of the north of Norway

We have a lot of beautiful mountains just waiting to show you the best views you can imagine. You don’t have to be super fit to take part in these trips. We plan a trip based on your wishes, and will do our very best to give you a pleasant time hiking in our nature.

We have different types of hiking trips:

Regular hiking:
For the trip and a great view, this is the hiking you want. We go up in the morning, to be back down in time to do other activities. These trips are available all year around, and will be organized based on your fitness level and wishes.

Midnight sun hiking:
This is the trip destined to capture the midnight sun at its best. The pictures you can get are nothing short of incredible. These trips are available in the summer and autumn.

Extreme hiking:
These trips are for the ones quite fit, and used to hiking. We take you to the highest peaks, and give you the most spectacular views available. When you have made it to the top, and we guarantee that you do, you will have a great feeling of mastery and a view for the camera you couldn’t believe before you started the trip.

Northern Lights hiking:
These hiking’s are available in the autumn and the winter. In regular shoes, snowshoes or skis, the destination and goal of the trip is the top of the mountain, to adore the northern lights dancing across the sky. If you know how to capture this phenomenon on camera, you will have some astonishing pictures to remember the trip by.

We also have the opportunity to bring a drone, to take pictures of you on the trip and the top, and film. When you come down we can edit this to a small film with music, so that you can buy it and bring it home to remember the trip, AND show others what you have experienced. Get a memory for life.