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Arctic Whaletours

Visiting the giants of the ocean

The base is in Stø, in Øksnes. The trip out to the kingdom of the whales won’t take long. The season is started, and we wish you all very welcome to Arctic whale tours.

We go out for a whole day, and visit birds, seals and whales.

The main attraction is the sperm whale, but looking for this giant can result in other remarkable experiences. Sea eagles, puffin birds, cormorants, kittyvakes, guillemots and auks can be found in the protected reservoir around Anda Lighthouse.
Out to the sperm whales kingdom we also can come across pilot whales, minke whales, killer whales, dolphins and porpoises.

This is the wild, and therefore hard to give out guarantees. But we do. We will find whales in 95 % of our trips. If we don’t, you will get a new trip, free of charge, to realize the dream of meeting these giant animals in their home habitat.

It’s exciting to see what we can encounter on these trips. It’s the wilds, so you never know.

On the trip back to shore, you will be served the best fish soup in the entire world. It’s got quite the well-known reputation. Well-earned we might ad.

A trip you never will forget, in unforgettable scenery, welcome to Arctic Whaletours.